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Himalayan Rock Salt PK is a preeminent Direct Fabricator, Processor, Manufacturer and Exporter of Himalayan Rock Natural Crystals Salt exporter in Lahore, Pakistan since 2008! We are offering Pink, Red, White and Black edible/gourmet salt with a variety of Salt made-ups. We are a certified ISO 9001:2008 and 22000:2005 manufacturer, a duly registered company with the Government of Pakistan i.e. the FBR and the likes of government regulated trade authorities, departments and bodies; member of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and with all research and testing done through the Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR).

With core objectives and emphasis on “Wellness through Nature”; Himalayan Pink Salt, being a trendy commodity and a sustainable product globally; from start to finish – each process and function is scrutinized and synergized to ensure retention of the uniqueness of the 84 trace elements!

We are located on the border line of Lahore in the Punjab, having the cutting edge, in terms of transportation from the mines to the factory and thereafter upon works completion to the applicable deliver port at arm’s length from the factory or to the seaport at Karachi; exempting us from the city transportation regulations especially during peak hours. We directly purchase salt lumps and boulders from mines situated in Kalabagh, Quaidabad, Khewra and adjoining areas after careful scrutiny and selection, whereby, the Salt lumps and boulders are filtered out according to product production required upon reaching the factory.

Our objective and sustained preference is to reach out globally to importers, wholesalers, stockiest, distributors and end users of Himalayan Rock Salt, to create the required awareness of natures produce consisting of the 84 plus mineral values and trace elements to the end users to fully benefit from pristine natural organic resources towards health, wellness and quality of life at affordable prices.

At Himalayan Rock Salt PK we believe in and inculcates Community Development and continues to endeavor to play our part, having initiated our existence from the grass root level working with every category of labor i.e. miners, transporters, daily wagers etc., thus having a very good understanding of how individuals strive for a normal decent living. When you decide to associate with us by becoming our valuable buyer customer, you are merely not simply buying from us! Your company becomes part of our business family, playing its role by contributing towards community development of the underprivileged, by aiding us in our endeavor to provide decent wages to those endeavoring to provide their families with a decent and affordable living standard and life style and with education to their children!

Vision: (a) Himalayan Rock Salt PK is focused on wellness and quality of life. Our vision is to create awareness among worldwide consumers to fully benefit from nature’s blessings of pristine natural organic Himalayan Rock Salt from Pakistan. (b) contributing towards community development of a under privileged (all workers and laborers connected in some way or the other with us) with you (as our buyer) by aiding us in our endeavor to provide decent wages to those endeavoring to provide their families with a decent and affordable living standard, health and and with education to their children!

Mission: To continue to be recognized as one of the leading processors, manufacturers, fabricators, exporter of Himalayan Rock Salt from Pakistan, for quality, cost effectiveness reliability and synergized solutions.

Core Value: Since its inception Himalayan Rock Salt PK is governed by set core values, which in turn has shaped the character and integrity of the company. Our core values are based on:

Quality of Life & Health through Wellness – no compromise on Quality.

Reliable and excellent Customer Services in response to customer needs.

Implementing Honesty and Integrity, leading to dedication.

Respect for every individual i.e. from our resources to our valuable customer!

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