How do I know I'm getting authentic Himalayan salt?

Our company has gone the extra mile to ensure that all our products are made using 100% authentic Himalayan salt. Our company has created strong bonds with local Pakistani companies and are 100% FDA compliant. All our products are tested by impartial laboratories using various methods including a chemical and molecular inspection among others. This process ensures that the product is suitable for human consumption and also that the product is 100% authentic. Our company is constantly testing the quality and authenticity of the salt in order to ensure that our end user receive all the health benefits of this amazing product.

Is Himalayan salt as salty as table salt?

Himalayan Rock Salt is indeed less salty in comparison to other salts! It is because of the presence of the richness of minerals in Himalayan Rock Salt~

Himalayan Salt vs Sea Salt?

The difference in between Himalayan salt and sea salt are too many to list. Due to it high sodium content, Himalayan salt has been kept safe and sound under tectonic pressure for millions of years away from the contact with any pollutants. Therefore Himalayan salt is know to be the purest edible product in the entire world. On the other hand sea salt comes from the sea. And when we flush the toilette where does the waste go? to the sea. Therefore it is safe to assume that sea salt is way out of its league. Also, Himalayan salt is able to provide all the nutrients that your body needs in order to stay healthy. Sea salt is only able to provide you with some limited amount of minerals and some salts don’t even provide iodine which is vital for healthy thyroid function due to the role it plays in the creation of thyroid hormones. The thyroid hormones plays a part in all body functions therefore iodine is crucial to overall wellness.

Is Himalayan Rock Salt better than table salt?

Himalayan Rock Salt is by far much better than table salt as it is additive’s free and naturally free from impurities! The preparation process of table salt i.e. baking the salt at high temperatures to burn impurities. Heating the salt at high temperatures changes the molecular structure of the salt making is toxic for human consumptions.

Does edible/food grade/gourmet Himalayan Rock Salt Expire?

Edible, food grade, gourmet Himalayan Rock Salt will never expire if stored under proper conditions!

What color is Himalayan salt?

By nature, Himalayan Rock Salt comes in various colors i.e. from crystal clear to white to shades of pink, red, orange and yellow. The more red the salt, the higher presence of mineral content! The main color among Himalayan Rock Salt products is the various shades of Pink, whereas, the purposes of usage or production vary.

What is a salt lamp?

A salt lamp is a lamp made from Himalayan Rock Salt Natural Crystals. Artisans hand craft raw and rough lumps and boulders into natural and geometrically crafted shapes, giving the salt a mesmerizing unique outlook and design, which stands out when illuminated with a bulb inserted within the lamp.

How does a Salt Lamp work?

A salt lamp when illuminated heats the salt. This heating process in turn releases negative ion, which, attract positive ions (air pollutants and allergens). Alternately Himalayan Rock Salt lamps are air purifiers, which aid in respiratory problems, cleansing of the air we breathe.

Is it mandatory to leave the salt lamps on 24/7?

Entirely, your choice! It can be left powered on 24/7, provided the lamps are not left unattended (as in the case of all electrical items)

What will happen if the salt lamps are not illuminated regularly or for long periods?

When salt lamps are not illuminated, or left turned off, thus not heated for long durations, the lamps absorb moisture from the air, resulting in crying lamps. This usually happens in humid weather conditions, environments close or in the vicinity of beaches or tropical conditions.

Salt lamps and products, which are not going to be used for long time, should be packed in airtight plastic bags/covers, so that they remain moisture free. If possible seal the bag/cover. In dry and normal weather the lamps and or other salt products can be left off or unattended without any worries of melting way.

Is there any significance of the salt lamp having to be a specific color?

Irrespective of the salt crystal color, all Himalayan Rock salt lamps contain minerals, which offer health benefits. The darker the salt defines more mineral value in the crystals. Upon heating the ionization process takes effect, regardless of the color

Condensation prevails with my salt lamp turned on?

At times in high humidity salt lamps condensate even while turned on. Simply use a dry cloth and pat dry.

Is it necessary to place the salt lamps in some kind of base container?

With humid weather conditions or tropical environments, it is advised to place your salt lamps in any type of simple or decorative container so that the condensation trickles into the container and of course which is convenient to clean as well. Else you would have gradual steins and damages at hand. The condensed salt water can be used for bathing and or cooking, provided it’s clean especially for cooking.

Is your Himalayan Salt really from the Himalayas?

All our Himalayan Rock Salt products are manufactured and processed from the baseline of salts mines in Khewra, Warcha, Kalabagh, Jatta, Bahadur Khel and Karak salt mines.

Are the required standard bulbs and cords available or do I need to source it from elsewhere?

Region specific bulbs and cords are widely available, whereas, the choice is yours, should you wish to arrange for the same on your own.

Why are the bulbs blowing?

There could be one too many reason for bulbs to constantly keep blowing:

  • High humidity
  • Bulbs not is correct stationary position
  • The globe of the bulb is touching the inner surface of the salt lamps
  • The salt lamp being moved around
  • Electric surge
  • Condensation could have formed on the bulb, while the lamp was off
  • Micro vibration while closely placed to any type of equipment
  • Can also be a faulty wire

Dimmer cords for Salt Lamps – not recommended - why?

A dimmer switch holds all the charges at the switch, which can result in overheating and at times blowing. Alternately, for a salt lamp to function correctly, it requires heat. As the bulb is only of 15 watts, the salt lamp will not get the required heat to function as required. A standard On and Off power switch is recommended!

What size salt lamp should I buy for sized room?

Really, there are no set rules! You can have any Himalayan Rock salt lamps as desired. For end users preferring precision, the below table will provide you with an average insight of a salt lamp adequacy based on room size:


WEIGHT (lbs) Room Size (sq feet)
2-5 6*6
5.5-6.5 8*8
10-12 10*10
10-17 12*12
18-22 14*14
23-28 15*15
30-38 16*16
40-50 20*20
60-70 25*25
70-100 27*27
100-125 30*30
150-200 32*32
210-300 40*40
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