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Himalayan Rock Salt PK – A division of RVW Int’l, is a preeminent Direct Fabricator, Processor, Manufacturer and Exporter of Himalayan Rock Natural Crystals Salt exporter in Lahore, Pakistan since 2008! We are offering Pink, Red, White and Black edible/gourmet salt with a variety of Salt made-ups. We are a certified ISO 9001:2008 and 22000:2005 manufacturer, a duly registered company with the Government of Pakistan i.e. the FBR and the likes of government regulated trade authorities, departments and bodies; member of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) and with all research and testing done through the Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR). [Read more…]

Nature at its Best

Benefits of Himalayan Rock Salt

• Mineral intake
• Stimulates circulation
• Helps cleanse digestive system/detoxification
• Improves hydration through minerals
• Reduces muscle cramps
• Balances hormones
• Improves sleep
• Immunity booster
• Electrolytes
• Lowers blood pressure
• Detoxification
• Aids in arthritis/joint relief ,gout relief
• Treats external skin conditions from within
• Exfoliation

Youtuve Video Courtesy - Alex Outhwaite

A little tour of the famous Khwera Salt Mines in Pakistan

Thanks to Alex Outhwaite for creating and sharing this video of the Khwera Salt Mines in Pakistan on Youtube.
Geographically, Pakistan has the second largest Salt Mountains/mines with the best natural rock salt AKA Pink Himalayan Rock Salt; exported worldwide!
Enjoy the quick tour!

Watch Overview
Our Partners

What our Partners say...

Excellent Manufacturer & Supplier

Time just flew by in a decade of association! Starting off with the salt lamps, my main purchase is Pink & Red edible food grade salt as the demand keeps increasing. Honestly, it's just the PO that I send across, that's it. All requirements are taken care off to the dot and I'm never worried about "quality".

Frank Hsieh

Director Purchase

Precission at its best.

I am an Ebay & Amazon Vendor, dealing in home/kitchen accessories and spices, which include Himalayan Salt. Eight years ago, I incorporated the Salt Tequila Shot Glasses into my inventory. They take care of everything i.e. not only producing a quality product from every perspective, but also the packaging. I'm happy that I connected with the right people who understand, what it's all about!

Stephen Shawhan


Love working with them

I'm a very small buyer of the Pink and Red blended food grade edible salt in Fine Free Flow. I just do like four to five shipments in the year. I'm grateful for the guidance, understanding, patience and support that is extended. Out of experience, I've never see a supplier who goes the extra mile without strings attached.

William Mall


Honest People

Purchased two shipments of the cooking tiles size 2x8x16 inch for my restaurant back in 2015. Still going strong, except for a few! Live upto there commitment. Very sure I made the correct decision, though was getting it cheaper.

Raymond Rose

Chef & Restaurant Owner

Very Quality Conscious

Based in UK and being an importer was looking for horse salt licks for my customers in the UK and Europe. I have also being buying from other suppliers in Pakistan, but have never received a sustained quality of the horse or animal salt licks, except from RVW INT'L. They really go out of the way with quality i.e clean salt licks, without alien elements. The wait is worth the while.

Bilal Hussain

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Pink Salt Distributors

Pink Salt Distributors

Global Distribution Offer Sole Distribution Offer by RVW INT'L Himalayan Rock Salt PK - A division of RVW INT'L Since 2008, is offering Sole Distribution Rights to Distributors, Traders, Wholesellers, Exporters, Globally. For more information on how to be awarded for Sole Distribution Right and Terms & Conditions, click the WhatsApp bubble on site to [...]

Himalayan Rock Salt

A Division of RVW INT'L Since 2008 Himalayan Rock Salt PK Himalayan Rock Salt PK is a Processor, Fabricator, Manufacturer and Exporter of Rock Salt made-ups in Lahore, Pakistan Since 2008. Our signature products being Food Grade Edible Pink & Red Salt not forgetting White and Black salt in various mesh/grain sizes. Our other two [...]
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