Pink & Red Salt Lumps
84+ Natural Salt Crystals

Pink, Dark Pink, Red Raw Salt Lumps

Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals”, excavated in the form of lumps and boulders, formed over thousands of years ago, when the sun’s light and energy dried up the primal ocean. Preserved for millions of years Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal is free from all kinds of pollutants and is recommended and used as a natural promoter of health and wellness! The special properties in the salt crystal consist of negatively charged ions that act on the positive contaminants and pollutants in the air neutralizing and weighing them down making it easy for individual with symptoms of ailments and allergens to breathe more easily.

We offer our services in terms of sourcing of lumps, rocks and boulders who desire to have the salt crystals as a whole — in its genuine natural form!

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