Edible Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

Edible Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

Since the beginning of life, salt has been the most important ingredient in our life, without which, everything would be tasteless, especially the food and or meals we consume!

However, many are unaware of the types of salts available! To name a few and topping the line is the widely acclaimed Pink Himalayan Rock Salt natural crystals. Thereafter, Kosher Salt, Sea Salt, Celtic Salt and many more. Apart from the texture and taste there are differences in sodium content and mineral values, as many know that salt is a crystalline mineral composed of two main elements which is sodium and chlorine. Without doubt, both are essential for life in humans, animals and all living being alike! The fact to be noted is that, the best edible food grade gourmet salt originates from Pakistan, making it the precise hub for edible salt!

The most common purpose of salt is “adding flavor to foods”, whereby; since ancient times and to date, salt is also used as a preservative, being antibacterial in nature with many other uses. If consumed incorrectly, salt can be a cause of many ailments, precisely blood pressure.

Himalayan Rock Salt PK is the best Himalayan Rock Salt Company in Lahore, Pakistan with traits of a direct processor, fabricator, manufacturer and exporter of pristine natural Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals wholesale, of all harvested in Pakistan. Food grade, edible, gourmet Himalayan Rock Salt for use from the kitchen to the table in any form like fine grade to granular form or through salt dispensers and is harvested from the pristine mines in Pakistan, situated in Khewra, Pind Dadan Khan, Kalabagh, and Warcha in the province of Punjab, Pakistan and the second largest mines in the world, producing the finest grade of edible food grade gourmet salts.

Himalayan Rock Salt contains the basic 84 plus trace elements and mineral values, which are not only in the cells of our bodies and which also require replenishment through these 84 plus trace elements and minerals. The salt comes in various colors and shades i.e. from hues of pink to red, off-white and even translucent. However, the signature color being and widely known as Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, of which the pink color is due to the presence of iron oxide along with calcium, magnesium, potassium and many natural mineral elements presence.

Due to various reasons and of consumer preference for organic food substances precisely those closer to nature, are reverting to organic and natural products like Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, for its purity! Halite transparent crystals, which are similar to alum is the purest form of Himalayan Rock Salt crystal being the most perfect form geologically.

The extraction of the salt is done by hand, washed and sun dried, never heated or treated in any way. All these procedures are undertaken to maintain the naturalness, purity and consistency of the 84 plus trace elements and mineral values so that it is easily absorbed by the body to metabolize.

Himalayan Rock Salt PK’s Himalayan Rock Salt is widely used in homes and gourmet kitchens, as cooking and table salt, whereby, cooking and serving slabs and platters are ideal tableware. Drinking solutions known as Solé has many other uses and benefits. To mention a few of many benefits of our Himalayan Rock Salt:

Maintain the pH balance

Water content regulation in the body

Food absorption

Respiratory and related disorders

Muscle cramps

Strengthening bones

Sleep regulation

Overall, Himalayan Rock Salt is considered far better than regular edible salts, as regular salts are processed salt with all the 84 trace elements and mineral values extracted, through heat flashing!

Grain Sizes :

Powder (0-0.2mm)

Extra Fine (0-0.5mm)

Fine (0-1mm)

Small Grain (1-2mm)

Medium Grain (2-3mm)

Coarse (3-4mm)

Extra Coarse (4-6mm)

Bulk Packaging Available: 25, 50 and 1000 kg (VAT bags). Customized packing also available!

Origin – Pakistan

Extraction– Hand-mined, hand-washed, sun dried.

Shelf life -5 +/- years

To keep Pink Himalayan Rock Salt in its natural and pure state, no anti-caking or external agents or compounds are added! Depending on climatic and humid conditions, can cause the salt to cake, which is normal. Simply sun dry the salt, hand breaking the caked salt lumps, storing in an air tight container in a dry place.

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