Kitchen & Tableware

Kitchen & Tableware

Himalayan Rock Salt – Kitchen and tableware salt products has many uses. The salt’s crystal lattice has a fairly high specific energy, so it tends to hold desired temperatures for a long time. Also, due to its lack of porosity or moisture, the salt plates can be safely heated (cooking stones only) or chilled (for serving platters). They can be used as plates, platters, freezing slabs, curing bricks, and skillets.

Kitchen and tableware salt products are available in many shapes and size’s. Beginning from simple Natural Salt slabs in various size’s and thickness, on to shaped cooking and serving dishes, platters, soup bowls, cutting boards and a lot more in various/customized sizes and not forgetting the Tequila Salt glass.

You can of course cook your desired food on these slabs. 100% food grade salt with all the 84 minerals intact! Our Himalayan Rock Salt cooking slabs, can be heated in the oven to 400° for cooking or directly over the stove flame for the best cooking and presentation of seafood, steaks, eggs, grills, whereby, sky is the limit. It’s your choice and innovation, what you wish to do! These slabs are perfect for serving hot dishes, and will not damage or break!

Kitchen and tableware salt products can be heated (only cooking slabs) or chilled in the refrigerator with fresh salads, fruit salads and a lot more…! Don’t miss the opportunity to use our kitchenware and or dining ware salt products to savor flavors and an opportunity for your taste buds to relish the tinge of Himalayan Rock Salt!

Caring & Cleaning of your Natural Crystal Rock Salt Slab, Dish, and Bowls

Do not place your Himalayan Crystal Kitchen/Dining ware under running water or soak in water, as it will dissolve over time. Ensure that the product is completely cooled to room temperature before cleaning. Our kitchen/dining ware is naturally antimicrobial; that means that no harmful bacteria or fungi can grow on your products.

To clean:

  • using a squeezed lemon and give the salt slab a quick rinse
  • scrub with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove any food debris
  • dry the surface thoroughly after cleaning

Salt easily picks up colors from food, so the more you take care, the better your salt product will look. Food colors may penetrate the salt crystals; nonetheless, it will still perform equally well. Also, your salt may develop small fissures over time, this is quite normal. Your plate or slab will remain stable and sturdy. Treated with care, Natural Crystal Rock Salt cooking, culinary products will provide years of pleasure!

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