Natural & Geometric Shape Lamps

Natural & Geometric Shape Lamps

Himalayan Rock Salt PK’s natural, crafted and geometric shape lamps, candle holders and T-Lights are hand crafted to sustain the salt crystals and mineral values! The most important fact about natural lamps and candle holders is the uniqueness in shape as no two are ever alike! Our salt lamps, candle holders and T-lights is not only an excellent choice for home, office, hospitals, yoga and or health centers décor, but also an excellent and ideal air ionizer, bringing people closer to nature. Himalayan Rock Salt PK – your one stop shop for all types of Himalayan Rock Salt products and salt made-up, all under one roof!

Our Himalayan Rock Salt lamps are available in hues of pink, orange, red and yellow and even white giving a soothing and tranquil effect through the deep or mild amber glow adding to the décor and ambiance of any home or wherever used. When lit up and on reaching the required heat through the incandescent bulb, our salt lamps emit the proper negative ions. These negative ions counteract with the positive ions in the air created through electric devices, cigarette smoke, food preparation and other odors and dust particles, gradually cleansing the air one breathes and at the same time creating that ambience for one to dig deep into savoring every moment through its striking features. Refer to our knowledge can section for more information on size usage, maintenance etc.

Our handcrafted Himalayan Rock Salt lamps come in various and standard weight categories. Starting -from a 1-2 kg lamp on to,2-4 kg, 4-6 kg, 6-8 kg, 8-12 kg, 12-18 kg, 18-27 kg, 27-36 kg, 36-50 kg, 50-75 kg, 75-100 kg and normally going up to 300-500 kg lamps. The variance in size is for certain or according to room size or where used or at locations where placed. All our salt lamps are hand crafted from natural Himalayan Rock Salt crystals, fitted with wooden base and also available in marble base if required.

The working is really simple! A heated Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamps will:

  • Attracts humidity removing moisture from the air
  • Binds the positive ions with the negative ions
  • Neutralizes the EMF, irritants and allergens present in the air
  • Best of all – creates an ambiance for you from the multi colored salt crystals

Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals – Feng Shui and Geometrically shaped products

Himalayan Rock Salt PK’s beautiful lamps provide that gentle warmth balancing energy, the perfect practice of Feng Shui – the Chinese art of creating harmonious surrounding that enhances the balance of Yin and Yang; in arranged furniture sittings or determining the propitious design and placement of Chi to maximize harmony in the environment to bring good fortune. The warmth of the soothing glow of the Himalayan Rock Salt geometrically shaped lamps, candle holder or tea lights are tremendous energizers. Himalayan Rock Salt natural and crafted lamps are excellent Feng Shui for any room, precisely adult or children’s bedrooms as they balance the tight places and create pleasant surroundings.

Craft Salt lamps

Pyramid Shape Salt Lamps:

For centuries pyramids have been associated with the quest for knowledge. A pyramid shaped Himalayan Rock Salt lamp when placed next to a computer or work area helps one concentrate reducing the electromagnetic fields surrounding electrical devices.

A pyramid salt lamp makes a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone especially one that follows Feng Shui or for someone that spends significant amounts of time working with or around electrical devices or equipment.

As all of our lamps are one-of-a-kind originals, they can be a variance in color, weights and shape.

Abundance or Prosperity Salt Bowl or Fire Bowl

Himalayan Rock Salt PK’s various natural and geometrically shaped salt lamps are again ideal for personal use or a truly unique gift to family and friends; one will be impressed by its elegant design, pattern and creation of beautiful décor. Filled with mixed Himalayan Rock Salt colored crystals, the Abundance bowl a.k.a Prosperity Basket is highly recommended by Feng Shui masters; being an excellent source of Chi. Ideally placed in your career corner at home or office; enjoy and benefit from it for a long time to come.

Cylinder Shape Salt Lamp:

Our Himalayan Rock Salt Cylinder shape salt lamp is yet another unique gift in general and or for Feng Shui followers! The cylinder shaped Himalayan Rock salt crystal lamp makes an elegant and decorative lamp for use anywhere, simultaneously, with ionizing effects, minimizing EMF, creating a cleaner environment and air to breathe!

Sphere Shaped Salt Lamps (a.k.a Planet Ball lamp)

Our Sphere shaped Himalayan Rock Salt lamp yet again is a relationship enhancer; another perfect souvenir for Feng Shui followers or for personal use! Ideally placed; will strengthen relationships, simultaneously emitting a sunrise or sunset effect, especially in ones bedroom. Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the Sphere Shaped Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp!

Egg Shaped Salt Lamp:

Our Egg shape Himalayan Rock Salt lamps symbolize “life, fertility and rebirth”. The delicate amber light while naturally cleansing the air through the negative ions, has a profound effect on personal wellbeing. The Egg shaped Himalayan Rock Salt a lamp while cleansing the air of your surroundings, creates an ambiance, bringing one close to nature is whereas also an ideal gift for newlyweds.

Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals Fortune Ingot:

Our beautifully crafted Himalayan Rock Salt Ingot shaped lamp is not only great in personal use but also as a gift to loved one’s and friends. Used originally in ancient China as a mode of currency, ingots symbolize prosperity and wealth in abundance. The Fortune Ingot carries the fortune bringing earth’s element in them amplifying the earth energy further. Fortune Ingots in any form of material are commonly recommended by Feng Shui Masters promising powerful results. This item is for Feng Shui enthusiast who seeks esthetic values.

Himalayan Rock Salt Tear Drop shape lamp

Our carved Himalayan Rock Salt Teardrop lamp is idyllic for any home, workplace, health centers and a lot more locations and places! The pointed top makes the Teardrop shape salt lamp unique as a lot of time and effort in invested in the carving of these lamps, which make it expensive and with careful handling. So while you are enjoying the tranquil, soothing and relaxing effect of our Himalayan Rock Salt Teardrop lamp, it is also adding to the serene atmosphere of a decorative product ionizing the air simultaneously.

Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Crystals Candle Holders or Tea Lights:

Use our Himalayan Rock Salt Candle Holders and or T-Lights yourself or gift it to that someone special! Be it in natural form or crafted shape, our Himalayan Rock Salt T-Lights and Candle holders is ultimate in creating that perfect environment. Place as many as you wish in your living room, bedroom and even around your bath tub for a soothing and stimulating, salt bath, and even in health centers, spas and every niche you think suitable towards a healthy living and life style!

The “candle”, illuminates and heats the salt crystals from the inner. The flickering candle-lights emit’s a natural glow, creating that romantic environment, one would be looking for!

Like all other Salt products the warmth of the glow and charm of the product, share many benefits i.e.

  • Reduced electromagnetic pollution
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Clean and fresh air
  • Increased concentration and productivity

Simply replace the burned down candle with a new one for hours of enjoyment ahead!

T-Light “Candle Holders” is also available in flat tray shape with two, three, and four holes. Crafted T-Light is available in apple, leaf, and array of customized shapes.

Our hand crafted salt lamps are available in various weight categories. Starting -from a 1-2 kg lamp on to,2-4 kg, 4-6 kg, 6-8 kg, 8-12 kg, 12-18 kg, 18-27 kg, 27-36 kg, 36-50 kg, 50-75 kg, 75-100 kg and normally going up to 300-500 kg lamps. The variance in size is for certain or according to room size or where used or at locations where placed. All are hand crafted and fitted with wooden base and also available in marble base if required.

Our salt lamps, candle holders are ideal for living rooms, bedroom as night lamp, offices and personal workplace cabins, hospitals, hotels, yoga centers, gyms and a lot more locations, providing the same essence and value of a natural Himalayan rock salt lamp.

Salt lamp according to room size:

For a room measuring at an average of 3×3 meters a 2-4 kg or 4-6 kg salt lamp is ideal.

For a room measuring at an average of 4×4 meters a 4-6 kg or 6-8 kg salt lamps is ideal.

Similarly, larger rooms like 10×10 meters and above lamp weights starting from around 20 kg and going up is ideal, based on the occupancy of the area.

Alternately, if you’re still confused as to what weight category would be ideal for your room because your room size does not fall in the above measurements or probably irregular dimensions, the way to go about is to add a kilogram or two to every 5 square meter.

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