Tequila Shot Glasses

Tequila Shot Glasses

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The Top-Shelf way to drink the finest tequila! A display of craftsmanship from the finest Himalayan Rock Salt formed more than 200 million years ago, our tequila shot glasses finely veined and translucent appearance of rose quartz, with the many hues of pink, red and white due to the rich and varying mineral content in the Himalayan Rock Salt; offer elegance, providing that perfect nuance; adding that salty note to your favorite tequila!

Ideal for any occasion or as an exclusive gift to a loved one or as a souvenir, our Himalayan Rock Salt Tequila Shot Glasses, ads that flare of style and elegance to the occasion and of course your drink! Just pour and serve with a wedge of lime for that bite of citrus tartness. The longer the tequila shot sits the saltier it will get. So drink up flipping over the Himalayan Rock Salt Tequila Glass to prevent salt brine from forming; till you’re ready for the next shot!

Maintenance: Anti-bacterial by nature, our Himalayan Rock Salt Tequila Shot Glasses require only a little care! Simply wipe dry after use and store in a dry place, ensuring no liquid is left back in the glass. Prolonged exposure to liquids will erode glasses over time. No Washing Required!

Himalayan Rock Salt PK is dedicated to the protection and conservation of natural resources. Please recycle this packaging in accordance with your country’s recycling directives.

The photos are an example of the style and colors and may vary being a natural item. Natural cracks often occur in the salt and add uniqueness to each salt product.

Celebration with Class and Style

A treat for Tequila Connoisseurs

Due to the nature of all crystals products all sizes, shapes, weights and colours quoted or illustrated on our website are approximate and may vary.

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